Put the Power of ORE to Work for You.

OPTIMUS ORE Saves Clients Money

ORE is a proprietary, patent pending annuity customization platform that optimizes structured settlement composition and pricing.

Employing proprietary algorithms, and often performing over a million individual calculations per quote, ORE optimizes structured settlement annuities to save clients money.

This is an actual Optimus Select quote.
In this example, ORE saves clients between $375,925 (9.33%), and $110,339 (2.93%).

Cost Comparison of Guaranteed Benefits with Individual Insurers vs. Optimus Select
A.M. Best Rating New York Life (A++) MetLife (A++) Prudential (A++) Optimus Select
Guaranteed Benefits $9,519,993 $9,519,993 $9,519,993 $9,519,993
Premium(Cost) $3,865,031 $3,763,759 $3,790,671 $3,653,420
Optimus Savings $211,611 $110,339 $137,251 n/a
Optimus Savings(%) 5.48% 2.93% 3.62% n/a
Payment Ratio $2.46 $2.53 $2.51 $2.61
Internal Rate of Return 3.77% 3.90% 3.87% 4.04%

Intelligent Diversification

ORE uses Intelligent Diversification to reduce client risk and maximize client savings. Intelligent Diversification improves annuity quality while lowering costs to clients.

This is the actual diversification resulting from the Optimus Select quote above.
ORE structures 11% of this quote’s benefits from A++ rated insurers for $137K to $110K less than either
A+ rated insurer can deliver a pure A+ product. Intelligent Diversification = higher quality, lower cost.

Unprecedented Customization

ORE provides granular-level annuity customization like never before. ORE enables mapping of damages specified in life care Plans, Medicare Set-aside Allocations, Economic Damages Assessments and nearly any other type of damages model, providing clients with unprecedented levels of visibility, customization and control.

Optimus Agility

With ORE, you acquire power to change assumptions and run structured settlement scenario analyses in real time, anywhere, anytime. This means changes that would traditionally take days or weeks to calculate can be made during mediation in seconds.

Optimus Correlation to Care

ORE precisely correlates the value and timing of client benefits with specified care requirements, thereby ensuring clients get
exactly the benefits they need, exactly when they need them. Correlation to Care saves clients money and reduces prospective
financial exposure.

Companies You know and Trust

Optimus structured settlements are funded exclusively with interest-earning annuity contracts purchased from only the highest rated life insurance companies, including: Berkshire Hathaway®, Liberty Life®, Metropolitan Life®, Mutual of Omaha®, New York Life®, and Prudential®.

  • Metropolitan Life®
  • New York Life®
  • Mutual of Omaha®
  • Berkshire Hathaway®
  • Prudential®
  • Liberty Life®

ORE Analysis - Unparalleled Visibility

An ORE Analysis is an easy-to-understand, detailed presentation of your Optimus structured settlement. It provides unparalleled visibility; it’s a powerful mediation tool, and it’s a standard part of every Optimus experience.

Let Optimus guarantee your clients get the best structure at the lowest price, because
if it’s not Optimus, you’re paying too much.

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