OPTIMUS for Insurers

Make Settlements Negotiations About More than Just a Number

In many cases, the amount a claimant is willing to settle for isn’t about want or greed, its about the fear of not having what they’ll need to provide for their future care.

Structured settlements can help you offer more than just cash to a plaintiff during negotiations, and sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed to reach an agreement. With a structured settlement, you’re able to not only offer monetary compensation; your able to offer a claimant the comfort and peace of mind knowing that their future needs are guaranteed to be covered.

A structured settlement can help shift a settlement negotiation’s focus from a lump-sum number, to the objective of providing for a claimant’s future needs and care. With a structured settlement, you can address all the needs of a claimant by providing them the ability to guarantee coverage of future medical expenses, lost future earnings, tuition, retirement, major purchases, etc.

Not only can a structured settlement provide a claimant with guaranteed financial security, it also enables them to leverage the time value of money, to benefit from tax-free interest income, as well as the absence of ongoing management fees and commissions which reduce the returns of other, riskier financial alternatives.

Puts the Power of Transparency to Work For You

If you’re dealing with someone who’s been injured or become ill and is facing future medical expenses, or someone who’s lost capacity to earn income, then the ability to provide a road map which clearly and specifically addresses all their individual needs is powerful.

Optimus ORE is a proprietary information management and annuity customization platform which optimizes structured annuity composition and pricing. ORE enables you to design structured annuities whose payments correlate directly to the individually unitized financial objectives of our customers, and it ensures each individual objective is structured in the most cost effective manner possible.